Top 10 Fatloss Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes And How To Avoid Them

1) Following Generic Diets
Following a generic one size fits all diet can only get you so far. Your specific body shape and size is unique, therefore your diet should be too. Your diet and nutrition plan should be customised to your body, your lifestyle and your goals. Most of the popular diets you read about aren’t customised to you specifically and this is where they fail. If you really like eating carbs and decide to go on a zero carb diet to lose weight, you will eventually break and go off the diet. If you are allergic to certain foods, or are a vegetarian, or just don’t like certain foods you shouldn’t be forced to eat any of them on your diet. Most generic diets fail when it comes to this kind of personalisation and as a result are useless to most people.

2) Not taking the right supplements
Many diet gurus will tell you to take every supplement under the sun, others will tell you that they are all worthless. Both of these are the wrong attitude. In our modern day lifestyles the pace of life is moving too fast to go back to the old school “living on the farm” style of eating. Although a whole foods organic style of eating is probably the best way to eat from a purely physiological standpoint, it’s virtually impossible for a practical standpoint. A few key supplements can do wonders for sticking to a sensible healthy nutrition plan while you navigate through your busy days. A good multi vitamin,protein shakes and fat burner can give you the edge helping you stay on track towards your fat loss goals. They can help give you more energy and help reduce your hunger cravings. Losing weight isn’t easy, every little thing you can do to stack the deck in your favour is a good play in my books, a few of the right key supplements can be an ace up your sleeve in your weight loss battle.

3) Not Doing Strength Training
Strength training (or weight training) is one of the most important things you can do for weight loss. It builds muscle and helps burn fat all at the same time. During a strength training workout you will burn fat and calories during the workout, but you will also have a lasting calorie burning effect because your body will be busy building some new muscle. This is the true key to effective weight loss exercise. Long slow cardio workouts do nothing for building muscle and the only benefit you get is the calorie burning during the workout. Strength training builds muscle and turns up your metabolism permanently.

4) Doing the Wrong Type of “Cardio”
A good weight loss program must include some form of exercise. Nutrition and diet is a huge component but exercise is also critical. Strength training is important to build muscle which helps burn more calories. Cardio training helps burn a few more calories and conditions your heart and cardiovascular system. But not all cardio workouts are created equally. Traditional long slow cardio workouts will burn some calories and build your conditioning, but they’re not the most efficient way to train. Interval training can achieve the same amount of calorie burning in less time, and in many cases more calorie burning in less time. Mix your regular cardio training with interval training to get a bigger boost in calorie burning and accelerate your weight loss progress.

5) Eating Too Much
Eating less food seems like the most obvious thing to do in order to lose weight, but some people still think that they can lose weight without eating less total calories.Instead there are all kinds of diet gurus that claim it’s not how much you eat, but what you eat. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only proven way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you’re burning off. So if you’re not currently losing weight with the way you eat, you MUST eat less than what you are currently eating to start losing weight. You can mess around with nutrient ratio’s all you like, more or less carbs, more or less fat or protein, but unless you reduce the TOTAL number of calories you are eating you’ll never lose weight. The type of calories you eat do matter to some extent because certain foods will help you feel more satisfied when you eat less thus making eating less food more pleasurable, but overall the total number of calories you eat is the only determining factor to weight loss.

6) Not Eating the Right Kinds Of Food
Even though eating less total calories is the only real way to lose weight, eating the right kinds of foods can really help make this easier and satisfying. Let’s say your body burns 1700 calories per day, and you only eat 1000 calories for the next 10 days. You will no doubt lose weight. You will lose weight even if all 1000 calories were from chocolate cake or cheeseburgers. With that said, it wouldn’t be very satisfying to eat that way every day, those types of foods will typically leave you wanting more because of their high sugar load, and they also don’t take up much space in your stomach because they are so dense. You will end up becoming hungry faster and feeling less satisfied than if you ate bulkier more nutrient dense foods like vegetables and fruits.The total amount of calories you eat is always the factor that will determine if you gain or lose weight, but the kinds of food you eat will determine if you will feel satisfied and happy while you’re losing the weight. This is why the kinds of food you eat matter.

7) Not Eating at the Right Times
Some people never eat past 7pm as a rule, others swear by breakfast, some people push back breakfast as far into the day as possible. Some people only eat once per day, others eat 6 times per day. All of these strategies can and will work. It all depends on your daily routine and what fits for you. Fitting your diet and nutrition plan to your life is the most critical step to creating a successful program. If you work late at night and need to be awake all night it really doesn’t make sense for you to follow the ‘no food after 7pm rule’. If you need to be on the move right away in the morning and don’t really have time to eat until mid afternoon it doesn’t make sense for you to be breaking every few hours for food just because some program says so. It would be easier for you to have some small snack and wait till the end of your day to sit down relax and truly enjoy your food. The timing of your meals should fit your daily routine, instead of your daily routine fitting into the timing of your meals.

8) Goal Setting – short term and long term
Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to achieve true and lasting weight loss. Both short and long term goals should be including in your goal setting program. Always start with the long term goal and then add in the short term goals, and make all of your goals specific, if you don’t then they will seem to unreal and you likely will not follow through. For example, let’s say you want to lose 30 pounds. Write it down as your long term goal, but also write down how long you expect it to take you,so let’s revise it to “lose 30 pounds in 16 weeks”. This specificity makes it more real.Now how do you do it? Write down a series of short term goals that you can start today to move you towards the end goal.

Your short term goals could look something like this:
a) By the end of week 1: Research the best nutrition and weight loss plans that fit your lifestyle and put it in place by the end f the week.
b) By the end of week 2: Get on a good workout program that includes both strength training and the right kinds of cardio training to maximize your weight loss potential.
c) By the end of week 3: Start charting your weight loss progress aiming for about 2 pounds per week.
d) Week 8: Measure your progress and commitment to your earlier goals. If you’re on track then keep it up, if you’re behind your expected progress adjust your diet and increase the amount of training you’re doing.This is just an example of how to make a series of short term goals and actions to achieve your overall long term goal. Every journey always starts with one step.

9) Social Support
This is by far the most important and most overlooked factor in any successful weight loss program. The importance of social support cannot be overstated. When you start a weight loss program it can really feel like it is you against the world, this just isn’t true.Get as many people as you know to support you on your weight loss mission. Close friends and family are a great start but also include other people who also want to lose weight. I like to call this your ‘weight loss team’, and the more teammates you have the better. Join a group, start a group, just get as many people involved as you can. The more support you have the better chance you have of being successful. On those stressful or lonely days when nothing seems to be going your way and you want to break your diet or skip your workout call someone on your team and let them help you stay on track. If you have some teammates that are also on a weight loss mission they will expect the same support from you. This will help you all achieve your goals and build strong friendships along the way. Losing weight takes work and it’s much more fun to do it with some friends than alone.

10) Stressful Eating – Use other tools to relieve stress instead of your food
Ok this one is a no brainer. STOP eating when you are stressed. Now we don’t advocate drinking your calories either or turning to other unhealthy vices, but just be sure to manage your stress levels and not eat to replace a lack of adrenaline, synaptic response or other hormone releases. To get the same stress reducing effects as eating a pound of dark 80% chocolate, go for a 30 minute run, lift weights for 30 minutes or try some calming yoga and other similar activities.11) Mechanical Eating – Taking the fun out of food 12) Lack of Education 13) Tracking Progress 14) Eating Like Everyone Else…Of course there are many more mistakes that can be made, but that is another discussion for another time and this is the Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Avoid Them. Just keep these things in mind when making your choices during your Empowered Transformation.

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